Director, Producer, Cinematographer:


Susan Kucera has been working in film since she was nine years old, first as a camera assistant creating science films with her father for Britannica films, then as a screenwriter and commercial director. One of the first owner/operators of the groundbreaking Red OneCamera she produced, wrote, directed and filmed Trading on Thin Air (2009), wrote, filmed, directed and co-produced For the Love of Tango (2014), directed, filmed and produced Breath of Life (2015). She currently films on the Red Epic Dragon.

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Executive Producer:

James Swift is a producer of feature films and documentaries, holds a PHD in Psychology and is a leader in building local food and farm initiatives needed for adaptation to a distressed and uncertain future.


Creative Consultant:

Jay April, President/ CEO of Maui Community TV is a producer, director, video journalist and filmmaker whose work has been featured on many national networks and won awards from film festivals worldwide. Credits include: special correspondent to CNN’s Environmental Unit; the much acclaimed PBS series, The 90s; the successful start up of E! Entertainment Television.